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Girnar Mountain, Temple, Forest Gujarat

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Girnar Temple & Mountain
Girnar Word is Associate with mount temple and gir forest and girnar town.Girnar is a mountainous region located in Junagadh district Gujarat State. Girnar is located at near Junagadh City.his is the highest hill in Gujarat, rising to a height of about 3470 ft. above the sea-level. This mountain defines the entire region, and it also serves as an important pilgrimage site in India.In the Junagadh inscription of Rudradāman Girnar is referred to as Girinagara and it has been suggested that it was from Girinagara that the present name of Girinar or Girnar was derived. In the Purāṇas Girnar is referred to as jjayanta, Ujjanta, Udayanta, Durjayanta and Vaijayanta, while in the inscriptions it has been called Urjayat.

There are around 8,000 steps from the trailhead to the highest peak. The five peaks, crowned by sixteen beautifully carved and sculptured marble shrines on the western flank of the mountain forms one of the most beautifully situated group of Jain temples in India. It is a sacred place  for Jains, Hindus and also for Muslims.  Mt. Girnar is also unique in that both the Digambar and Shwetambar have temples on its hills.
Girnar has six distinct peaks separated by deep ravines: the highest of these is dedicated to Gorakhanātha, and the remotest to Kalka. To ascend these peaks there is an arrangement of steps cut in the living rock. After an ascent of nearly 2000 steps and covering a distance of about a mile is reached the point where the shoulder of the mountain terminates in a bare cliff consisting of gigantic masses of black and isolated granite rock.

Attraction :

  • Goddess Ambe Temple
  • Neminath Temple
  • Parshawnath Temple
  • Rishabhdev Temple
  • Dattatreya Hill

Girnar Mountain : 

Girnar Mountain
The tallest mountain of Gujarat is Girnar.It height is 6km from the base.Girnar Mountain is located at Junagadh city in Gujarat State.Mount Girnar has around 866 temples that can be reached by climbing around 8,000 steps. The mountain has five peaks that were formed after a volcanic eruption. The tallest peak among these is around 945 meter high.the Famous belief,after winning the war at Kurukshetra Pandavas had done the parikarma to seek God’s blessings.Every Year about 7 lakh People attend the parikrama.Parikrama had attracted 1.2 million in Year 2003.

The Parikrama will Start from Girnar Taleti, night halt at Jinabava Madhi, Marvella and Bordevi and return to the starting point on the fifth day.Arrangement of this festival is the one of the most serious poit ,but every year junagath district police do this arrangement.and supply the water health hospitality and much services to
visitors.there is famous group of jain temple nearest 16 jain temple are there which is located at western side of mountain .Shrines of both the communities of Jains, Digambar and Shwetambar, can be seen here.

Girnar Forest :

Girnar forest is the one of the most attraction of junagadh or Gir and western part of India. girnar forest is known as Gir National Park.Gir national park spread  in 258.71 sq. km area which was declared a National Park.Gir lies has a topography made up of succession of rugged ridges, isolated hills, plateaus and valleys.
Gir National Park
Besides, being the last abode of Asiatic lions, Gir forms a unique habitat for ratel, rusty spotted cat, pangolin, ruddy mongoose, civets, paradise flycatcher etc.the attracts droves of visitors to see the natural scene of  Asiatic lion in the wild, as it's the only place in the world where these creatures are now found.
The sanctuary is internationally acclaimed for successfully saving this precious species from the brink of extinction. It was declared as a sanctuary in 1965.Lord Curzon, especially, requested the Nawab to conserve the lions. Thus, the forest area of Gir and its lions were declared as protected by the Nawab. A ban was also imposed on the shooting of lions. Lion, leopard, hyena, chital, sambar, bulbul, chaushinga, chinkara, wild boar, crocodile, langur, porcupine, ratel, jackal, fox, mongoose, civets etc.

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